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Geraldine Newchurch APOSTLE GERALDINE NEWCHURCH was born on January 1st and is the last of five children. After completing high school, she matriculated to Atlanta Metropolitan University where she obtained her entrepreneurial license. With this business license, she opened a beauty salon, “Number One Beauty Salon” on the West–End of Atlanta, where she was the sole proprietor for fifteen years. This would later open doors for her to be a part of a well known fashion and hair show, hosted by Bronner Brothers as well as the opportunity to style hair in upcoming shows. This was the beginning of her entrepreneurship. During the course of her career she chose to go to modeling school; specializing in clothes and fashion as she started her own modeling group and even did some modeling of her own. As the years went by, Apostle Geraldine was now about to encounter God’s divine purpose for her life. She found herself ministering to the people of God and pouring wisdom, knowledge and understanding into them as they sat in her chair as clients. This was done by way of prophesying and holding prayer meetings from time to time. She even began a shelter ministry in order to feed those that were homeless and hungry as she encountered them. As a result, countless souls have been saved. One night during an anointed shut-in God revealed to Apostle Geraldine Newchurch, “now is the time to move into your pastoral calling. This word was soon confirmed through other pastors and leaders.

As time progressed, Apostle Geraldine Newchurch began to serve in ministry under the late Reverend Lonnie Ruth Harper. In her time of serving in ministry under Pastor Harper, she was eventually ordained as a minister, pastor and prophetess; she was therefore charged to preach, teach, exhort, comfort and build up the people of God. She served under Pastor Harper for ample years. Before the death of her great pastor, she was charged to begin her very own ministry. Soon after, God spoke to her in a vision and instructed her to change her name to Apostle, as was now time for elevation as a result of her serving, faithfulness and obedience to God. After starting off at The Holiday Inn, God spoke again and said, “It’s now time for Power Action Ministries. Stepping out on faith, God blessed and ordered her steps and the birthing of Power Action Ministries came forth through both fasting and prayer, on December 20, 1998, in Decatur Georgia. From there God placed Apostle Geraldine mighty voice on the airwaves, with her own show on Love 860AM. It was here that Apostle Geraldine was known as “Thunderbolt Jackson” as she prophesied and prayed for God’s people, not one prophesy fell to the ground. Word began to get around about the Apostle and she soon had the number one spot in Georgia. People were divinely led to Power Action Ministries as Apostle Geraldine Newchurch has been used by God to heal all manners of sickness and disease, raise the dead, break witchcraft, cancel surgeries, make the lame walk, deliver God’s people out of bondage, restore marriages, etc.; As all of these people came in one way, but left out another.

In 2006, God expanded the ministry, by way of television, on WATC channel 57. Under God’s instruction, the broadcast is entitled, “Taking the City by Force”. Together with Apostle Audric Newchurch, their mission is to be the balm in Gilead; to be a physician to God’s people, to shelter the homeless, to feed the hungry and to heal and restore God’s people.

Apostle Geraldine Newchurch operates as a “Seer”, a true prophetess of God whom is called for these end times. She is seasoned and well equipped to minister the things of God to His flock. Apostle Geraldine operates in the five fold ministry of an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher; with a unique anointing for walking in SIGNS, WONDERS & MIRACLES. She’s Apostle Geraldine Newchurch, coming at you in full force!

"I would like to thank God for my son Johnny and my daughter Tyiska Jackson for all of their love, support and dedication over the years. To the people of Power Action Ministries, I would to extend a special thank you for supporting me in the ministry and for sticking by my side over the years."

Aidric AUDRIC COLIN NEWCHURCH was born on January 27th, at the Princess Margaret Hospital Nassau Bahamas. He is the fifth child of seven children born to Bishop Fred and Maryann Newchurch; three are deceased leaving two sisters, Daniel Newchurch Marble and Nicova Newchurch Jones and one brother, Dwight Newchurch. They both work together in a powerful ministry “Power Action”. God Himself has given His Prophet a powerful mandate. Audric’s faithfulness mixed with favor from God proves essential for good work that he is called to do. He is commissioned to speak into the lives, heart and spirit of everyone that he comes into contact with, thereby causing individuals to see themselves as God sees them.

In His early years as a child, Audric attended various elementary schools in Nassau Bahamas along with his siblings. At the age of ten, Audric and his family moved to Freeport Bahamas because of his father’s job transfer. Audric’s family then became members of Hawksbill Church of God. At this church, Audric’s father became the Assistant Pastor. Later on, his father was appointed Pastor of Central Church of God. Audric completed Hawksbill High School in 1984 as an outstanding student.

Upon completion, he moved to Raleigh, North Carolina where he attended St. Augustine’s University. After finishing two years, he transferred to Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida and obtained his B.S. Degree (Bachelors of Science). Shortly thereafter, he enrolled in graduate school at Florida State University and obtained his M.M.E. Degree (Masters of Education).

After this season, Audric ventured on to Fort Lauderdale Florida where he received an instructional Specialist position with the Broward County Board of Education. There, Audric worked for two years He became an active member and minister of music at Gateway Church. In November, 1996, Audric then moved to Atlanta Georgia to accept a job with DeKalb County Board of Education. As Audric worked for the school system, he enrolled and completed a leadership program at Jacksonville State University, in Jacksonville, Alabama. He received an Ed.S. Degree (Educational Specialist). Thereafter, he completed a Ph.D. Degree (Doctoral) with LaSalle University.

Audric’s ministry: “A More Excellent Way Ministries”, is under the covering of Bishop Eddie Leon Pickett of “Seed Faith Ministry”. Audric has served under his Bishop’s ministry faithfully from his duration in Atlanta Georgia. On July 21st, 2002 at 5:00PM at “Seed Faith Ministry”, Audric Newchurch was officially ordained to the office as Pastor, by Bishop Eddie Leon Pickett.

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